Monday, September 29, 2008

Order of St. James - 08/09

So what is the Order of St. James up to this year? We met for the first time early in the school year and decided that we'd like to just run this whole thing as a covenant group for the year. So we're not trying to figure out all the details. We're just diving in and trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us as we go. We're meeting every other week for a potluck and conversation at a different person's house. Each meeting we focus on one of the marks of this group: simplicity, hospitality, evangelism. So here's our meeting schedule for those who are interested in joining us:

Sept 25 @ 6-8PM – Klopp’s House
Oct 9 @ 6-8PM – Bowles’ House
Oct 23 @ 6-8PM – Anyone want to host?
Nov 6 @ 6-8PM – Klopp’s House
Nov 20 @ 6-8PM – Bowles’ House
Dec 4 @ 6-8PM – Isaiah House

If you've got questions, email me:

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